Von Auer

To see, is the act of understanding. To understand, is having the knowledge of knowing. To know, requires the sight to see.

My mind is thinking backwards. What once was in front of me, is now behind. The past has yet to be written, but the future has past. The time of old is new again, and the time of one is gone. Searching for what exists is a dead end. The real search is in that which has yet to come. For it has yet to die and is without the thought of those to be, or whom have formed. The path of the wondering souls of all are struggling in the vortex of what should be, more than what is. All of life’s gifts are spread out across the lands, formed within one’s own mind, searching for another to control. The path behind us leads back to the town we did not come from. The road ahead leads to a place we have not been, but know by heart. Something is coming that has never been seen. We cherish our life as we know it, for you do not know what our lives mean.

If asked, “What do we speak?” We say Truth. Is there another answer? One besides that that we have spoken? Yes. For there are multiple. No-one should hold our answers as what we feel. They are images, pictures of an alternate reality of thoughts. Thoughts of the many. If asked, “Why do we act?” Our reply is Honesty. It is of ourselves to confuse, because in confusion is where we are strong. One should not take our words likely. They are simply another aspect, a direction to go. What is written, is not what is happening. It is merely another story, another path.

We are an artist, an artist am I.